Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kyoto Chip

This proposal document is aimed at making every individual European citizen even more aware of their personal CO2 emissions than instruments already in place will achieve. Now that CO2 emission trading has started there will be a greater awareness in the industrial and business sectors of this issue. We believe that this awareness should be replicated at the individual level, as once citizens are made aware of this, that they will be able to make better choices about their travel and help save on CO2 emissions as well. We seek funding to start a feasibility study on this in a big European city such as Brussels, or an Island.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Land Use and Transport Planning

The LUTR cluster links several different projects in the area of sustainable urban mobility, including land use, transportation, and the environment.
The common objective is to develop strategic approaches and methodologies in urban planning that all contribute to the promotion of sustainable urban development. This includes issues of transportation demands and related land use planning, the design and provision of efficient and innovative transportation services including alternative means of transportation, and the minimization of negative environmental and socio-economic impacts.
Velo Mondial represents the Velo.Info project in this cluster.
The key conclusions from PLUME can be read in:

Qatar Cooled Cycle Path

A cycling project which Qatars sovereign Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani has proposed to promote the health of his people. After all, a large proportion of the population suffers from problems brought on by prosperity: they do not get enough exercise, cardiovascular diseases are prevalent and children are obese. This Cooled Cycle Path is a prestigious project with Qatar as an example to the countries in similar conditions!
Interview with Adnan Rahman, project leader
Ciclovia Climatizada


Velo.Info: The European Network for Cycling Expertise
Its first User Meeting took place in Amsterdam City Hall in January 2003. Have a look at the pictures, especially of you were present.


SPICYCLES is a European project that intends to demonstrate that the modal share of cycling can be increased in European cities with different geographic, climate and cultural conditions. The experience with different types of actions and measures will be disseminated to a wide audience in European cities. Within SPICYCLES four technical work packages, covering four different subjects concerning cycling policy were defined. Have a look: & the Newsletter on Bike Sharing This document gives an overview where the team is halfway the project and shows pictures of the successful meetings in Munich where the team discussed its progress. This is a clip about Spicycles and its colleague projects ASTUTE and BYPAD.

Monday, August 27, 2007

A good beginning

Bike Path End

This should never be necessary

BICING Barcelona

Amsterdam jealous of BICING in Barcelona

Visiting Dubai

In August we - Arjen Jaarsma from Balancia and Pascal van den Noort, Velo Mondial - visited Dubai where we are involved in the setting up of a Cycling Master Plan.
We will keep you posted in this blog.

Cycling Forbidden

In many countries with little cycling policy and / or infrastructure one can find many traffic signs like this one, here in the Gold Souk in Dubai.

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