Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Standard for Electrically Power Assisted Cycles.

The members of the Technical Committee TC333 for bicycles have discussed at the Brussels office of the CEN, the European Committee for Standardization, an almost final draft of the new safety standard for e-Bikes. It’s the EN 15194 for EPACs; Electrically Power Assisted Cycles. Now, a second public inquiry will start at CEN committee’s in 30 countries. It is expected that early 2008 the new standard for e-Bikes will be accepted by the European Commission and come into effect. This second public inquiry on the EN15194 for EPAC’s follows a first one that got lots of comments. It resulted in the finalization of requirements and test methods and the draft that is now being discussed. This draft contains the scope of the standard EN 15194 which are: EPACs up to a voltage of 48 DC. Maximum continuous rated power of 250 W. Read More in Bike Europe.

Picture & Design: De Fietsfabriek

Friday, October 19, 2007

Yugo Cycling Campaign organizes bike tour for ministers

Before the opening of the the Sixth Ministerial Conference "Environment for Europe"" in Belgrade October 11, "Yugo Cycling Campaign" organized a short bike tour for ministers. Lead by the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Bozidar Djelic, about 30 ministers of environment as well as education, took part in the ride. The motto of the Conference was "Environment for Europe" and 56 ministers from Europe, US and Canada attended it. Addresing the press on the occasion, the Serbian Environment Minister, Mr. Sasa Dragin said that "a bicycle has an important role in solving problems of environment and that he regularly cycles when he is free".

Bodø in Norway plans Bicycle Tube

The city of Bodø in the County of Nordland in northern Norway wants to become a bicycle city. NPRA and the municipal of Bodø have suggested building in a foot and bicycle path between the College of Higher Education and the city centre to make cycling easier and more attractive. Some years ago a glass roof was constructed over a part of the main street and the experience with the project was so positive, now the inhabitants of Bodø gladly look forward to the tube being built. The idea, which was introduced by the City Plan Director, Jørn Roar Moe, is to construct a framed structure covered with transparent plastic plates. The bicycle tube will have a number of roofed openings for access and ventilation. There will also be internal illumination. The tube will hold physical separated roads for cyclists and pedestrians.
Read this article in NORDIC

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New York and the League of American Bicyclists

New York is creating a European style bike lane that will separate bicyclists from motorists. The Ninth Avenue bike lane in Manhattan is being built between a sidewalk and a lane for parked cars. Today New York was awarded the bronze for bike friendliness. The award comes from the League of American Bicyclists, the US bike advocacy group.

But the question is if New York is not seriously lagging behind most European Cities?

Friday, October 5, 2007

Paris JCDecaux Public Bicycle

The Public Bicycle as organized by JCDecaux in Paris - the Vélib - is a rousing success. Cities often ask Velo Mondial how this new system of public bicycles works. These are 33 questions & answers about all there is to know about Vélib. The Niches project gives you Policy Notes on Public Bicycles in general.