Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Amsterdam Cycling Capital

For Velo Mondial one of the priorities in 2008 and further years will be: Amsterdam!
Cycling Amsterdam is for many foreigners one of the major unique selling points of the city. To them cycling is, more than many other prominent features of the capital, one of its most visible qualities. Visitors and ex-pats very much appreciate this mode of transport and after a little exercise most of them spend a lot of their time cycling; they immediately reap the benefits of their speedy and healthy transport. For those who spend prolonged time in Amsterdam, cycling becomes a away of life, like it is for the Dutch, for whom cycling is like swimming is for fish: they just do it, without paying too much attention to it. When foreigners go home they may occasionally rent a bike or irregularly join a tour, but a way of life without making it a big thing, is not really an option for many. Amsterdam Cycling Capital will come to their rescue. Starting April 2008, a program will be developed that offers support to many city managers – politicians and policy people alike – who want to make mobility in their city sustainable. Cities who want to support their economy, their urban environment as well as serve the quality of life of their inhabitants will be able to benefit from this program. This blog will keep you updated, and hopefully when the program starts you will hear this from a variety of sources.

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