Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Creating the World’s Longest Bike and Pedestrian Bridge

Governor Eliot Spitzer of the State of New York said on January 9, 2008: "In what will be the first major investment in our parks leading up to the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s first voyage up the Hudson River, today I am announcing the State’s commitment to transform the dormant Poughkeepsie Rail Bridge into an awe-inspiring historic park, complete with a walkway and bikeway that will create a unique public space with breathtaking views of the Hudson."
Read all about it: Walkway over the Hudson
Amsterdam Cycling Capital will contribute to the Hudson400 celebrations with a cool program. People in 'Greater' New York are cordially invited to bring ideas and participate in the program.

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Ian Brett Cooper said...

I actually think it's kinda embarrassing that the longest bike and pedestrian bridge in the world is barely over a mile long. It just shows how little design consideration goes into pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure.