Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cycling in the Netherlands outside Amsterdam

More people cycle than drive in the Netherlands. This hasn't happened by accident, and it isn't due solely to the country being relatively flat. Rather, the Dutch have for many years had a policy of increasing the importance of cycling as a proportion of journeys. The cycle friendly infrastructure which you find in this country has been redesigned time and time again until it has reached the current form. This is a very safe place to cycle, but also a very convenient place to cycle. Cyclists have priority over motorised vehicles, can often make much more direct journeys and quite frequently have smoother surfaces on which to travel. The country is covered by good design and it is as suitable for long journeys at high speeds as for short trips to the shops or to schools.
Judy and David Hembrow are experienced English cyclists who moved to the Netherlands in 2007. This is some of their report. And some of their clips on cycling in The Netherlands.

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