Thursday, July 3, 2008

Electric Hire Cars Become Competition for Velib

The French capital will get 4,000 electric hire cars to expand on the successful bike pick up scheme. Not everybody is happy with this new transport system. Environmentalists have offered the plans a lukewarm greeting, claiming the scheme could undermine the popularity of VĂ©lib bicycles in Paris and add to congestion. Read more in Bike Europe. The key issues of sustainable mobility are: energy, environment and safety. Therefore developing clean, efficient and intelligent vehicles, including battery electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles is necessary. The two major environmental risks affecting sustainability in the production of electricity using fossil fuels are green house effect and acid rain. The basic requirement of power electronic for electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles are: high energy density, high power density, high efficiency over wide speed and torque range, frequent start stop, continuous dynamic, capable working under severe ambient temperature and vibration environment, compatible EMI-EMC, high reliability, high endurance, and reasonable cost.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't make much sense, does it. You've just installed a popular and much-praised free bike system which is helping more people get more exercise, and reducing congestion. Why undermine that?