Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Training about Electric Bcycles

Since its official start in June 2009, the Presto project has made considerable progress. Presto consists of 3 main pillars: cycling infrastructure, cycling promotion and electric bicycles. Today, the consortium has completed a policy guide for each of these pillars. These guides are aimed at supporting the PRESTO cities in their cycling policy activities and at serving as European reference guides for all those who are interested in the subjects concerned. The guides will be published on the PRESTO website very soon. The European Twowheel Retailers’ Association (ETRA) is in the consortium responsible for the pillar electric bicycles. Consequently, the European trade association has written the Policy Guide on Electric Bicycles. In anticipation of its publication on the PRESTO and ETRA website, the guide can be downloaded until 17 February 2009 from this link. The Guide serves as basic material for the training programme, which is an integral part of PRESTO. The objective of the electric bicycle training is to raise awareness on electric bicycles, to stimulate and facilitate market penetration and to promote the use of electric bicycles. Key issues are potential user groups, the market, opportunities and the vehicle itself. The training is aimed at anybody who may have an interest in electric bicycles.