Thursday, May 27, 2010

CIVITAS MIMOSA MM Workshop in Berlin

Hear fresh honest solutions and discussions on managing demand for car use, simply by changing travellers’ attitudes and behaviour. This is the 3rd innovative and lively workshop in the highly acclaimed CIVITAS MIMOSA series, given by a range of experts, politicians and key stakeholders. Mobility Management has increasingly become the ‘Make or Break’ factor in a successful city mobility strategy. Soft Measures such as targeted public information campaigns, strategic management of services and key stakeholders relations can often offer a higher benefit cost-ratio compared to other Hard Measures (e.g. new tram lines, roads and bicycle lanes). The workshop will take an open and purposeful look at three specific types of Soft Measures under implementation in MIMOSA cities: Technology oriented approaches to help make better travel choice decisions; Company Mobility management; School Mobility Plan; Open to all, it is an ideal opportunity for politicians, councils, schools, companies and other key stakeholders to learn more about sustainable mobility. Admission is free. Delegates are required to register. For registration and further information please contact: To find a detailed program please visit the website.