Sunday, October 10, 2010

Surrender your permit

Unless you drive to work every day, you don’t need a car in Hoboken, New Jersey! Just give up the car habit and sign up for Hoboken’s Corner Car program. What is it? The New York Times calls Corner Cars a “bold new experiment” to ease congestion that’s “about as convenient as car rental could ever be.”  Once you’re a member (for free) you can reserve any available car online or by phone for one hour or a week or more! For more info, visit The City of Hoboken provides a community shuttle bus service called “The Hop” within two blocks of almost every resident. Local shuttle bus service is so easy and convenient, you can think twice before getting in the car to get around town. Our mini-transit system is called “The Hop”, because you can easily “hop on” and “hop off” at any intersection along the route. Each of the three Hop routes circuits the city in less than thirty minutes. Hoboken as also an excellent example of a walkable city and is working hard every day to protect pedestrian rights and safety, and to continue to explore ways to make walking the most convenient, enjoyable way to get around you can think of. The next best way to get around Hoboken after walking is to ride your bike! Read more about these great developments here.