Monday, December 13, 2010

Münster became Germany’s bicycle capital?

With a proportion of 37.6% the bicycle is the prevailing transport mode in Münster. Nearly half a million bicycles in comparison to 280,000 inhabitants requires a specific focus on the demands of cyclists. Today the city of Münster provides a high standard of infrastructure and safety for cycling. In contrast, 10 years ago Münster’s road safety was very poor. 50% of all traffic-injured were cyclists. Therefore local politicians decided to elaborate a new policy “Vision Zero” meeting the particular needs of the vulnerable bicyclists and equally considering the failures and limited capacity of humans. With the introduction of “Vision Zero” an elimination of road causalities was targeted. Further, a high standard in road safety, mutual consideration and compliance with traffic laws became the basics of Münster’s new policies in mobility. To combat non-compliance with right-of-ways and red traffic lights, the main reasons for accidents, Münster implemented new transport infrastructure and intensified traffic regulation and monitoring. Read on at the SUTP website.