Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Workplace Travel Plans.

The European project COMMERCE has developed standards and guidance for the delivery of successful workplace travel plans across the EU. This constitutes a benchmarking tool to compare travel plan quality as well as a management tool for self improvement. They have been designed to be relevant to public and private sector stakeholders. The criteria to be fulfilled are organised under the following headings: Strategic focus, Stakeholder commitment, Site audit and Travel Survey, Objectives and targets, Actions and measures, Monitoring an evaluation, Costs and cost benefits. The criteria belong to either a basic, an intermediate or an advanced level of workplace travel planning. In order to achieve a certain level, the business should be able to demonstrate compliance with all criteria from that level. The glossy publications of the Travel Plan Standards are available in English, French, Romanian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian and Hungarian. The Pan-European Workplace Travel Plan Awards (PEWTA) awarded best practice in Travel Plans. They proved to be a real success attracting 111 applications over 3 years, and extended awareness to countries where the value of travel plans was not well known. Read more here.

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