Sunday, January 15, 2012

Less cars, more mopeds .....

The number of snorfietsen – light mopeds allowed on bicycle paths, often scooters – has grown almost 3 times as fast in Amsterdam as elsewhere in the Netherlands. Almost 6,000 people have signed a petition against nuisance from scooters, but Alderman Wiebes wants to continue allowing scooters on bicycle paths. Next Thursday, the city council will discuss a proposal from GroenLinks to deal with scooter nuisance. Along with Landsmeer, Laren and Bloemendaal, Amsterdam is among the cities with the highest growth in snorfietsen. The number of serious traffic accidents involving scooters has also risen sharply. According to the municipality, one of the main causes is speeding by scooter riders. A study by cyclists’ organisation Fietsersbond found that 94% of scooters on bicycle paths in Amsterdam exceed the speed limit. Many cyclists think this is a reason why scooters do not belong on bicycle paths. By contrast, Alderman Wiebes thinks the reckless driving by scooter riders is a reason to keep them on bicycle paths, for otherwise ‘a nuisance to cyclists is traded for an even higher risk for snorfietsers (…) while the accident rate for mopeds and snorfietsen is very high as it is'.  Are we heading towards Taipei? Source: Nieuws uit Amsterdam

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