Monday, March 12, 2012

Wisdom of the Crowds

Amsterdam has 881,000 bicycles. The estimate is based on using the Wisdom of The Crowds. This is the average of the estimates obtained from experts, being in this case the Amsterdam cyclists themselves; 2600 panel members who filled in a survey about cycling policy made by the Research & Statistics department of the City of Amsterdam. The average of all the responses came out to 881,000 bicycles. The survey also showed that seven out of 10 Amsterdam citizens find it enjoyable to cycle through Amsterdam (23% found it very enjoyable), and just over 1 in 10 find it (very) unpleasant (11%). The rest give a neutral response (neither pleasant nor unpleasant, 19%). The cyclists that find it pleasant add that it is a fast an easy mode of transport (50%), that they enjoy the surroundings while on the bicycle (19%), and that is sportive and healthy (19%). The good bicycle lanes and facilities and low costs are mentioned less frequently (respectively 9% and 6% of the respondents who find cycling enjoyable). Less pleasant aspects mentioned by cyclists are antisocial traffic behaviour, insufficient safety, and scooter nuisance. Some locations in the city are avoided because of the difficulty of parking bicycles there. Most often mentioned in this context is Amsterdam Central Station. Read on.

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