Friday, June 22, 2012

Rio+20 is a conference about implementation, and an important part of that is making and delivering commitments. Commitments are invited from various stakeholders, including business and industry, other Major Group organizations, associations, academic institutions, philanthropic organizations, UN entities, partnerships involving more than one stakeholder, and Member States. The eight largest multilateral development banks (MDBs) announced today that they will invest US$175 billion to finance more sustainable transportation systems over the coming decade, boosting equitable economic development and protecting the environment and public health across the developing world. The pledge by the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and six other MDBs was made at the start of United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (also known as Rio+20). 16 additional voluntary commitments were made by 13 organizations on sustainable transport amongst which Asian Development Bank and partners: Commitment to Sustainable Transport, EMBARQ: Scaling Up Sustainable Transport Solutions Worldwide and Velo Mondial: Pas-Port to Mobility

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