Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dutch Bicycle Infrastructure in figures

The Netherlands have almost 35,000 kilometers of cycle pathsThat's more than the previous estimate of 29,000 kilometers and much more than the last figure of 17,000 km from the Central Bureau of Statistics CBS dating back to 1996. Roads with bicycle lanes together have a length 4700 km, equal to the previous estimate. The new figures are more accurate since the Dutch Cycling Route Planner recently become nationwide. Thus, the Dutch now have a reliable and detailed source of information for all provinces The most mileage bike path located in the province of North Brabant, closely followed by Gelderland (see table). This is mainly due to the size of those provinces.  North Holland, South Holland and  Utrecht have 30-70% more cycle paths than the national average. Also, the use of bicycles as high, according to figures from the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics. Per kilometer cycle path is in the Randstad 35-60% more kilometers are  cycled than the national average. Below you can see the lenths of bicycle paths per province, the surface of bicycle paths in square kilometers and the number of times every kilometer has been used on a dayly basis.

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