Monday, December 17, 2012

Dime-parking in Amsterdam abolished

Parking for a dime per hour will no longer be available from next year in a number of Amsterdam shopping streets. The 10-cent zones were introduced hoping to attract more shoppers But according to the municipality this has had no effect at all. In Bilderdijkstreet and 1st C. Huygensstraat instead of the 10-cent rate the standard rate will be applied again. Near sportsfields in Amsterdam East the 10-cent areas are maintained. The 10-cent zones were introduced to attract shoppers by car without having to pay the regular (higher) rate . Licensees were not allowed to park their car during shopping hours in these zones. After shopping hours the normal rate would apply again. Since one can only park their car for one hour, long-term car parking was excluded. This was supposed to attract many visitors to this favorable tariff. The idea was that in this way a more favorable economic climate would be achieved for retailers and other businesses. However, research proves that this is not the case. The effect on the number of cars parked and hence the number of car traffic movements proved very limited. Hardly any difference was found between the number of cars park in the 10-cent zones and the reference streets. Source: Verkeerskunde

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