Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bicycle Highways In Copenhagen

Bicycle highways, a new transport experiment, are spreading fast across the European Union, notably in Denmark, Germany, Sweden and the UK.In the suburbs of Copenhagen, a bicycle highway project launched in April last year has proven a hit with the city's commuters. Authorities plan to open 28 bicycle highways in total.According to its promoters, bicycle highways should be rolled out across the EU, especially in a time of crisis as they can help governments save on healthcare costs. The bicycle network is currently saving the Danish state an estimated €40 million per year in health costs, with only a relatively small amount of money going to building and maintaining the highways. Lars Gaardhøj, chairman of the Environment and Green Growth Committee in the capital region of Denmark, told EurActiv that the bicycle highways targeted commuters who traveled more than five kilometres to work or school. Studies have shown that over distances more than five kilometres, people tended to choose other means of transport, like buses or cars, he said. Read on in EurActive.

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