Friday, June 7, 2013

30km standard urban speed limit; Vote Now

Speed limits of 30km/h (20mph) save lives. Since the first 30km/h zone was started as a pilot project in the small German town of Buxtehude in 1983, numerous 20-mph zones throughout Europe have proven their worth. Wherever these zones come in, the number and the severity of accidents is reduced considerably. A limit of 30km/h (20 mph) in all residential areas improves air quality, as far fewer exhaust gases are emitted, making an important contribution to public health. 30 km/h (20 mph) limits are an inexpensive and popular way to improve safety, cut pollution and encourage smarter travel choices. They lead to improved traffic flow and less congestion. People can move without fear. And so we want to achieve these benefits for the whole of the European Union. What is our vision? 30 km/h shall become the standard speed limits for villages, towns and cities with local authorities being able to decide on exemptions. We want the commission to come up with a proposal to introduce 30 km/h speed limits.  We are determined to make every effort to collect the more than 1 million signatures needed within one year from at least 7 different member states of the EU. Velo Mondial signed, why don't you (although they ask a lot, be brave and make a change ! Sign now!

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