Monday, July 22, 2013

French Mobility Plan to Change Cycling Perception

A new French cycling mobility plan is expected to be published by the end of the year. It focuses on improving conditions for cyclists and promoting cycling through financial incentives. The French government has recently decided to highlight cycling in its mobility programs in line with innovative mobility plans across Europe. The project was initiated by the previous administration but put on hold when Francois Hollande commenced office. Now the French ministry for ecology, development and energy has decided to green light the project.Headed by Dominique Lebrun, a committee with industry representatives, cyclists and government officials has been formed. The key themes of the project are to promote new means of mobility while creating incentives for cycling to work. In order to encourage cycling, programs could be created where employers would provide a financial incentive to their employees for cycling to work. The plan follows a recently passed transport law in France which aims at creating secure areas in train stations for cyclists to store their bikes safely. This mobility plan looks very promising and could be a step in the right direction stimulate cycling in France. Read on in Bike Europe.

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