Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thriving in the Ecosystem of a Megacity

In the future, megacities must be considered as independent ecosystems, where progress and prosperity are determined by the interaction of various factors. These new interrelationships will effect every resident of a megacity. Collaboration, coordination and transparency will enable the creation of the innovative and high-quality goods and services of the future.
I believe that urbanization will be a defining characteristic of the 21st century. But how will we cope with the upheavals it will unleash – and is already unleashing – on the political and economic levels? And what role can logistics play in helping to ensure that the megacities of today and tomorrow run smoothly? In his blog entry The Future of City Logistics, professor Eiichi Taniguchi of Kyoto University presciently defined city logistics as: “The process for totally optimizing the logistics and transport activities by private companies in urban areas, considering the environment, traffic congestion, and energy consumption.” By Martin Brown who is Program Director for City Logistics within Deutsche Post DHL's Solutions & Innovation team.

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