Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mobility management: The smart way to sustainable mobility

Mobility management, often called ‘smartmobility’,is acost-effective instrument for bringing mobility and transport more in line with sustainability. It is complementary to technology and infrastructure measures and it is the additional key needed to achieve sustainable mobility on the local, national and European levels. Therefore current budget cuts should not endanger measures and solutions for sustainable mobility. On the contrary the need for developing and implementing cost-effective measures like mobility management is increasing. It is urgent that we solve the widevariety of sustainability problems caused by transport, particularly environmental, health and social burdens to our citizens. Moreover we need to shift the current unbalanced modal split and decrease the enormous dependency of today’s transport on fossil fuels, which result in high economic costs. The concept of ‘mobility management’ has evolved from these concerns: it is the smart management of mobility needs. Mobility management is a relatively new approach, still in its early stages, but nonetheless developing rapidly in an increasing number of European countries. You can download this  insightful EPOMM book here and watch the CiViTAS MIMOSA video on the same issue below.

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