Tuesday, January 21, 2014

London Grid

London is seeking public comment on its plans for a draft cycle network for central London, known as the Central London Grid, which proposes that a number of streets be closed to other traffic and that cyclists use 97 kilometres of backstreets dubbed Quietways. “We are creating a new network of routes for a new kind of cyclist: routes for people who want to cycle slowly, in their ordinary clothes, away from most of the traffic,” said the Mayor of London Boris Johnson announcing the plans just before Christmas. “These are your secret cycling passages through London, taking you everywhere you need to go, directly and easily, using routes you might never know existed until we showed you.”
The seven Central London boroughs together with the City of LondonThe Royal Parks, the Canal & River Trust and Transport for London (TfL) have worked together to publish the Grid. Many of the new Quietway routes will run parallel to Tube lines or bus routes so that cyclists will know where they go. A Circle Line Quietway and a Victoria Line Quietway are among the routes that have been proposed. Read more here. You will find the grid map here.

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