Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Best of the best: Zwolle

Today Zwolle was announced to be the winner of the title “Best Cycling City of the Netherlands in 2014″! This week the magazine of the Cyclists’ Union gave spokesperson Hans Hop of the local chapter of the Union some phrases with regard to cycling in Zwolle, to which he responded as follows. Biggest challenge? “The lack of bicycle parking facilities, especially in the city centre and the station. Greatest improvement? “The many innovations, such as good bicycle tunnels, traffic light waiting time indicators and the bicycle roundabout. What is the effect of the Best Cycling City Election ? “This election is great because it draws attention to a lot of things. Wishes? “There are always areas to improve. For instance we think that bicycle signage could be better. We also advocate for bicycle facilities around larger stores. Zwolle will get a new Ikea, a new Hornbach and a new Zara. Developers forget the bike all the time. The municipality can make sure they do keep cycling in mind in the planning phase. And we would like new paths to be wider. You need to anticipate that there will be more people cycling in the future”. Read on In Bicycle Dutch here.

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