Sunday, June 15, 2014

Draft London Cycling Design Standards Copy/Paste them at will!

Last published in 2005, the revised London Cycling Design Standards (LCDS) is a technical document that should inform design options and promote an integrated and ambitious approach to delivering high quality infrastructure for cycling in all parts of Lond. It has now been comprehensively updated to reflect established and emerging best practice, and to help planners and designers meet the aspirations of the Mayor’s Vision for Cycling. Through this consultation, they welcome your comments on all parts of this draft document. You can view the draft LCDS as a single document here or as individual chapters. These are the chapters: Ch1 Design RequirementCh2 Tools and Techniques, Ch3 Cycle lanes and track, Ch4 Junctions and crossings, Ch5 Cycle friendly street design, Ch6 Sign and markings,  Ch7 Construction including surface, Ch8 Cycle parking, Appendix Cyclists at roadworks. Read on here.

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