Friday, August 1, 2014

Cycling in Wallonia; does it pay off?

Cycling is a transport mode with high social benefits. It is good for health, cheap,  provides more quality of life in cities, less pollution, better use of the limited space. Cycling also provides in its way a direct contribution to the local economy through the sale and especially the maintenance of bicycles. Very often, however, more cycling also means a higher accident risk. The effects were studied for 2012 and 2030. The 2030 effects were calculated with a small model based for a situation with a 10% modal share for cycling.   The main conclusions on the impacts of a scenario with a cycling modal share of 10% in 2030 can be read in: 'Estimation of the direct and indirect impacts of cycling today and in the future'. Final report (in French) can be found on the website of La Service Public de Wallonie DGO2. Also read Social Cost and Benefits of investment in cycling.

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