Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Number of Public Bicycle Share Systems in Spain

In the chart below you can conclude that there are currently 66 public bicycle systems operating in Spain. Since the first experience in 2003 have been implemented in all 130 systems, thus surviving half of them. The largest increase in the number of systems occurred between 2007 and 2010, with 2009 the year of further growth. The peak was reached in 2010 with 100 systems in operation around the country. In 2010 the number of systems started down due to closures and openings substantially reduced. The largest net decrease was recorded in 2012. The downward trend that began in 2010 continues today. In view of these results it can be said that public bicycle in Spain has left behind a phase of initial boom. Possible causes closure of public bicycle systems in recent years are: 1) overconfidence in his introduction; 2) poor planning of the costs associated with the system, mainly its stage of exploitation and maintenance and redistribution; and 3) the accentuation of financing difficulties because of the economic crisis. Read more here in English and here in Spanish.

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