Monday, October 5, 2015

Cargo-Bike-Sharing in Vienna

Whether it is serving beer on tap or conducting a television interview on wheels, a Vienna start-up firm wants to take pedal-powered mobility to a new level. CycleCraft provides customised bicycles for food and drinks delivery, entertainment and promotions using modular parts that allow for easy assembly and reconfiguration for other uses. CycleCraft founder Alexander Wolf says the company is neither a courier service nor a bike manufacturer, and instead gives customers a rolling tool to meet their specific needs. “Our mission is to show companies another possibility to do business by a bike rather than a car,” Wolf explains. For instance, the two-year-old firm worked with the Wiener Zeitung daily newspaper and public TV station W24 to create a moving studio outfitted with cameras, recording equipment and seats for mobile interviews. It was featured at the Argus Bike Festival at Vienna’s city hall on 11 April. Read more and much more here.

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