Thursday, November 22, 2007

Main Network Emission Free Traffic

Many cities never use cycling and cycling planning as a means of regulating of emissions (CO2, NOx Noise). European policies now oblige cities to act. European measures now oblige cities to act. With the introduction of a Main Network for Emission Free Traffic, modes of transport that do not emit, like electric cars, bike taxis and bicycles, will get an improved and much wider space to move fast in the city. As a consequence car lanes will have to be taken out to allow for emission free lanes to be builtThis new type of thinking about infrastructure provides an attractive alternative to car drivers – who are disencouraged to enter city centers – to choose emission free modes rather than other motorized alternatives.
The Main Network for Emission Free Traffic stands in the tradition on the Main Network for cars, the Main Network for public transport and the Main Network for bicycles.
Velo Mondial promotes the implementation of these plans with many local actors in industry, business and universities.
Shimano has sponsored a nice film on cycling in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Bogotha. Also have a look at some images of cyling in Amsterdam and tips on how to behave as a cylclist:

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