Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Electric bicycles make the difference

Riding a bike takes an effort some people cannot afford due to health or age. Others are no longer allowed to use their car in the city, nor any other mode of Emission rich transport. And others again are just lazy.
The ideal solution for alln this is the electric bicycle.With this bike you preserve the advantages of riding a city bicycle:
- No traffic jams
- Healthy
- No parking problems
The silent electromotor in the front wheel gives you that push in the back, as if you are riding with the wind in your back. You can decide yourself how much effort you want to do. The more effort you put in, the faster you go and the further you ride on one battery.

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Elmo said...

Electric Bicycles and Electric Scooters

Elmo The Electric Bike and Electric Scooter Guy

This is an excellent blog for electric bicycles. There are not too many around like this. Thanks for making this such an interesting subject. Oh, by the way, Wired Magazine has a great article on hybrid cars this month. (Jan 2008 issue).

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