Monday, October 13, 2008

Air Quality Management Course

The Stockholm Environment Institute has launched a new Foundation Course on Air Quality Management in Asia, which is NOW available on-line. The course is focusing on Asia but it contains a host of good information for anybody. It is for learners studying the issue without the support of a classroom teacher and is aimed at individuals with some basic knowledge of the environment and air pollution issues. The course consists of six modules covering the key components of air quality management together on-line resources. An international team of air pollution specialists has developed the course with funding from the EU and additional support from a number of other organizations. One of the topics topic is on traffic emissions: The steady growth in road traffic has resulted in the increasing contribution from traffic to urban air pollution, especially volatile organic compounds (VOCs), CO, NOx and PM. Uncontrolled motor vehicles, particularly those with diesel and twostroke engines are the most important sources of air pollution in most urban areas in Asia. Asia has the largest motorcycle fleet in the world.