Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free use of bikes for commuters in Amsterdam

In a pilot, commuters will be offered free use of an OV-fiets (public transport bicycle) to travel to Amsterdam Zuid railway station. The aim of the pilot is to see whether the bicycles can be used more efficiently. The pilot's target group are commuters from Amsterdam who work at least 32 hours per week and who travel to work by train from Amsterdam Zuid. If they use an OV-fiets instead of their own bicycle, they will no longer have to bother about finding a place to park the bicycle and about bicycle maintenance. During the day, the same bicycles will be rented out to commuters who arrive at Amsterdam Zuid and work in the city. This way, the OV-fietsen will be used more intensively and fewer parking spaces for bicycles will be needed at the station. Participants in the pilot will take the bicycle home at night and get to use the bicycle during the weekend as well. The pilot starts on 25 November. Those who are interested in participating can request information through . OV-fietsen are normally rented out to subscribers from stations and a few other locations for 2.85 euro per 20 hours.