Monday, February 16, 2009

Berlins expansion on bike network & bike parking

The city of Berlin explored the framework conditions for the planning of a Second Level Bicycle Route Network for the borough of Pankow. It also assessed parking needs for bicycle. The outcome are guidelines for a network and parking facilities ready for the implementation and widely accepted by retailers, housing societies, private companies and of course inhabitants in the respective area. The implementation (i.e. the actual building and creation) will take place when the necessary finances will have been acquired. The “Bike Network Planning Guide” serves two purposes: first, it proposes a local network of cycle routes for the city district Pankow and secondly, as a pilot, represents a systematic planning aid for other Districts and European cities. For an increase in cycling attractive and secure parking facilities at the start and destination of a journey are fundamental. The “Bike Parking Guide” therefore describes not only the legal requirements on bicycle parking facilities but names the conditions of a good bicycle parking rack and lists contacts to enterprises producing them. Download these guidelines (in English) here: Guide Bike Network Planning Berlin & Guide Bike Parking Berlin