Saturday, February 14, 2009

Need for bicycle planning in Gulf increases

Al Ain Police have warned bicyclists to stay away from the main streets and follow the safety regulations in the city. The warning was issued yesterday due to the rising number of accidents involving bicyclists. The traffic police have recently noticed an increase in accidents involving bicycles from different nook and corners of the Oasis city. "We have been taking measures to control it," said a senior police officer at Al Ain Traffic Police Department. Bicycle is an efficient and cheap mode of transport which is popular among expatriates who use it to cover short distances. They are, however, not allowed to come on the high speed roads as it posses threats to their lives and those of others. Majority of the bicyclists, said the officer, is disobeying the safety regulations and peddle along the high speed traffic on main roads. "This is dangerous and not acceptable and we'll take strict action against such bicyclists," he warned. Read more here.