Monday, January 18, 2010

Bicycle Batteries on the way to maturity

China’s Science and Technology Minister, Wan Gang has presented two e-Bicycles as a state present to US President Barack Obama and his Minister Steven Chu of the US Department of Energy. As a symbol of their competitive products, China has decided to present a lithium battery-powered e-Bike as state present to Barack Obama when he paid a visit to China, holding the Sino-American Clean Energy Technology Co-operation Committee. Both bikes are equipped with lithium batteries made by Suzhou Phylion. As one of the leading lithium battery suppliers Phylion’s sales volume has exceeded 400,000 units for e-Bikes only. In a statement Phylion says: “we enjoy a rapid growth and we are awarded by the Chinese government as one of 21 stars of the future. “Being selected as part of the “State Present” is not only an honour for us, but also a recognition for the whole lithium-ion battery industry. It will surely give more momentum to the development of Phylion as well as the lithium-ion battery industry.”The e-Bike is one of China’s most competitive industries with a volume of nearly 20 million units. It has become an important means of transport and has made an important contribution to energy saving. Source: Bike Europe