Monday, January 25, 2010

More lists: More cycle friendly cities

According to a list by Virgin Vacations, who suggest they relied on a methodology developed by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), known as The Bicycle Friendly Communities Campaign, which uses five criteria (engineering, encouragement, education, enforcement, plus evaluation and planning) to identify cities that actively support bicycling.Virgin Vacations lists the following eleven cities as being the most accessible and bike friendly. 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands 2. Portland, Oregon, USA 3. Copenhagen, Denmark 4. Boulder, Colorado, USA 5. Davis, California, USA 6. Sandnes, Norway 7. Trondheim, Norway 8. San Francisco, California, USA 9. Berlin, Germany 10. Barcelona, Spain 11. Basel, Switzerland. As with any list it would be easy to debate the relative merit of inclusion or ranking. But we think rather than quibble, it's more useful to read through the description of each city to learn more about their selection and using that info strive to make more cities bicycle friendly. Velo Mondial also has awards for cities in a variety of categories and we agree with Treehugger that this list means more to Virgin than to 'cycling'. We will continue to promote cycling in the context of sustainable mobility and we are proud of all the results achieved in the last 10 years. Velo Mondiale will continue to promote Amsterdam