Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Database Search

CIVITAS and other European projects create valuable knowledge on sustainable mobility and other relevant issues. The use of this knowledge is limited to people who can find the database that the data are entered in. There are several disadvantages to this approach. The database may be hard to find, or may be offered out of context. Competing information or information that is from a later date and / or is more accurate does not immediately become available. Also knowledge in other languages is often lost. Looking up information on a regional level can be very complicated. These and other arguments constitute the reason why Velo Mondial has been looking to overcome these constraints. And indeed we found a tool to approach many databases amongst which existing CIVITAS and EC databases and past, present and future projects in the field of sustainable mobility. English, Spanish, German or Dutch are understood our tool. On top of that all documents can be accessed via the cities they refer to on Google Maps. The search engine and more of CIVITAS MIMOSA is accessible on will find an explanation of the search engine in the video below by clicking on it or by clicking here.