Tuesday, April 20, 2010


“When I lived in Tokyo I cycled through the city to work and on the weekends rode up the mountains around the city. Tokyo, with its frequent and punctual trains, capsule hotels, high population densities, and vending machines, opened my mind to new possibilities. I came up with the idea of a bicycle monorail network while teaching a class in which the topic for discussion was transport solutions. The idea of riding above the traffic jams on multi-level rails seemed to me the only possible way that Tokyo’s millions of residents could move around the city quickly and safely. It had the added advantages of being environmentally friendly and offering an aerobic workout". To Geoff Barnett, Shweeb Inventor, this was a project that he could, if I put his mind to it, make happen.” Shweeb originated from the desire to create a solution which provided the user with the same flexibility and comfort offered by the car but without the consequential costs - both direct financial and indirect health and environmental costs. By integrating the unique properties of monorail and recumbent cycle technologies, Shweeb delivers now a personal, efficient, and cost-effective transport solution with applications for urban commuting, recreational and fitness markets. The prototype site has attracted widespread media coverage and global interest. Discussions are currently taking place with a view to delivering the  phase I products of Racetracks, Scenic and A-B links in the near future.