Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Europe & Cycling Glamorous Friends

In 2000 Velo Mondial spoke with the European Commission and suggested that cycling could be a crucial mode of transport for the European Commission. We were more or less laughed away. This was for us the argument to adopt the slogan: 'Velo Mondial is going to make cycling glamorous'. Now, after ten years, the transport and Tourism committee of the European Parliament recognised the role of cycling as a crucial mode of transport for urban areas. The Transport and Tourism committee reacted to the Communication by the European Commission entitled “A Sustainable Future for Transport”. Next to recognizing the role of cycling as a crucial mode of transport for urban areas, the final report, drafted by Mathieu Grosch also calls for an increase in funding for transport concepts promoting cycling. Many groups contributed to Velo Mondial's call to make cycling glamorous and some even emerged from a lethargy they had been in for quite some time. Many cities, companies and universities were and still are partners with Velo Mondial in projects like Velo.Info Spicycles, Safer BraIn and CIVITAS MIMOSA that laid the base for this development. Velo Mondial is very pleased and congratulates its partners and the European Commission. Next station will be reached when cycling is integrated in local sustainable mobility plans. Read more in Bike Europe.