Monday, July 19, 2010

India and Brazil Green

“Greendex 2010: Consumer Choice and the Environment — A Worldwide Tracking Survey” is a comprehensive measure of consumer behavior in 65 areas relating to housing, transportation, food and consumer goods. Greendex 2010 ranks average consumers in 17 countries according to the environmental impact of their consumption patterns and is the only survey of its kind. As in 2008, the top-scoring consumers of 2010 are in the developing economies of India, Brazil, China, in descending order. American consumers’ behavior still ranks as the least sustainable of all countries surveyed since the inception of the survey three years ago, followed by Canadian, French and British consumers. In the annual survey , India came second in housing behind Brazil. But it topped in other sectors like transportation, food and goods to finish overall first in environmental sustainability behaviour. The year before, Brazil had claimed the first spot. Despite the rosy picture, according to the Greendex 2010 survey, Indians were also the most likely to say that seriousness of environmental problems was exaggerated. Read more in the Times of India. Also visit Safer BraIn on the position of vulnerable road users in emerging economies like India and Brazil.