Friday, April 8, 2011

Cycling in The Netherlands; some useful tips

Cycling is fun and it is something that everyone can learn how! We have different sets of rules in the Netherlands for car drivers and for cyclists. They are presented on this website. Adhere to these, and prevent getting caught in an accident! We will focus on specific (dangerous) traffic situations and elaborate on how a cyclist should best react. Finally, we present you an overview of the most important traffic signs and their meaning. Here you find the most important traffic rules for cyclists. But beware; if you have the right of way it does not mean that you will get the right of way. Always check whether others give you your right! If it is not safe, then do not take your right as you are a vulnerable road user. Cyclists show other road users which direction they want to go by sticking out their hand. The rules for cyclists Alcohol: a cyclist’s blood alcohol content should not exceed 0.5 promille. It is illegal to cycle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The police can impose a cycling ban on you for drunk cycling. Music and mobile phone: It is not forbidden by law to use your mobile phone or listen to music while cycling. It can however distract you. Inspection: you are not obliged to have your bicycle inspected. It does however need to have proper brakes and lighting.

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