Monday, April 18, 2011


Momo is a European project supported by IEE - Intelligent Energy Europe on car sharing: moreoptions for energy efficient mobility through Car-Sharing. The key objective of Momo is to contribute significantly to sustainable mobility patterns by establishing a mobility culture which is based on using various transport options instead of car ownership. Car-Sharing has a great, but mostly unexploited, potential in Europe. Being a kind of decentralised car-rental service, Car-Sharing complements the sustainable transport modes of walking, cycling and Public Transport – thus giving an alternative to car-ownership without any restriction on individual mobility. With Car-Sharing as a market-based service, transport can be organised more rationally and more resource-efficiently. The European Momo project wants to increase awareness, to improve the service of Car-Sharing and to increase the energy-efficiency within the existing Car-Sharing operations. Momo has the ambitious target of 20,000 new Car-Sharing customers – with significant impacts on transport patterns, energy consumption, CO2emissions and on the reallocation of urban space through the replacement of private cars.

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