Tuesday, August 16, 2011

For 35,000,000 Europeans

Commissioned by the European Union, the Gallup Organization held a survey among citizens of the EU-27 countries. The bicycle is the primary means of transport for more than 35 million Europeans or 7% of the total population. Not surprisingly, the car is by far the most popular way to go from A to B for 53% of the Europeans. Initially the survey examined the current means of transport that EU citizens used to get around on a daily basis. These ranged from a car or motorbike, to public transport, cycling and walking. Not surprisingly a third of respondents in Netherlands (32%-34%) said that they mainly got around on a daily basis by walking or cycling. Besides the Netherlands cycling is also taking a substantial part of the non motorized mobility in other EU member states.Cycling is definitely not a matter of limited income proven by the fact that in Cyprus, with the lowest average income in the European Union, 89% of all mobility takes place by cars while the portion of people cycling is neglectable.  Statistical results were weighted to correct for known demographic discrepancies. For the complete survey click here. Read on in Bike Europe. Picture Copenhagenize.

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