Monday, August 22, 2011

Ultra @ Heathrow

ULTra vehicles are rubber-tyred, battery-powered vehicles, easily capable of carrying 4 passengers and their luggage, and are fully accessible to prams and wheelchairs. With a turning radius of only 5m (16 ft) and an empty weight of 850kg (1,870 lb), the vehicles can navigate complex routes with lightweight infrastructure, and are virtually silent when running, producing little or no external vibration. The innovative design of the ULTra system combines a lightweight guideway with a highly  manoeuvrable vehicle to allow great flexibility in both infrastructure design and positioning. ULTra can operate below-grade (e.g. via cut-and-cover tunnelling), at-grade, or above-grade (elevated), and the quiet, emission-free nature of the electric propulsion allows routes to be run internally through buildings if desired. A low loading footprint means that the system can be carried by conventional building structure with no need for structural strengthening. These features allow the ULTra stations to be positioned in optimum locations, allowing the system to be fully and effectively integrated into the area it will serve. And as a bonus: ULTra vehicles are spacious enough to carry multiple bicycles on-board

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