Thursday, October 27, 2011


It’s finally possible! Driving a car inside Amsterdam without the high costs of owning a car or the bother with parking. And with hardly any CO2 discharge. Electric driving is going to get a big boost in the coming years, partly thanks to ‘Amsterdam Elektrisch’. Logical, because it’s cleaner, quieter and saves energy. No wonder that Amsterdam is the first city in Europe where 300 car2go electric smarts are used. Where you can now use them 24/7. The basic point is clear: electrical car use in the city without bother. Reserve a car? Not necessary. A subscription? Not necessary. Take the car back to a depot or to where you got in? Not necessary. Bring it back before a certain time? Not necessary. You just get in where you want and drive off. You can also park anywhere, completely free. Car2go means flexible car use inside the operating area. You only pay for the number of minutes you use the car. Everything is included in the fee, electricity, parking, service costs, insurance and road tax. You move about quickly and comfortably with a car2go. And you contribute to a better quality of life in our city. Is this what you want as well?

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