Thursday, October 27, 2011

NRGSPOT Amsterdam

The JCDecaux city furniture operator and energy company Eneco have deployed a new kind of information kiosk in Amsterdam’s Rembrandtplein. The kiosk also serves as a charging station for electrical bicycles, mopeds and scooters. Consumers owning a so-called “OV chip card” or some other RFID-pass are able to recharge their electrically powered vehicles there free of charge. If this pilot turns out to be a success, the city can be equipped with many new charging stations which won’t require any extra municipal space . The installation of this commercial information kiosk, named NRGSPOT, is part of a pilot-project of  JCDecaux en Eneco. The increasing popularity of electrically powered transport requires a growing need for charging station in the capital city. The NRGSPOT makes the most efficient use of public space since it combines various functions in only one object. Thus hundreds of new charging stations can be created without requiring extra space. Amsterdam has been chosen as a suitable municipality for implementing this pilot since it leads the country in the area of electrical transport. Read more here.

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