Monday, December 5, 2011

Changin course in Urban Transport in Asia

Cities in Asia should transform their transport systems to provide growing urban populations with greater mobility while ensuring a healthy and attractive urban environment, says a new book published jointly by the Asian Development Bank and the German GIZ: Changing Course in Urban Transport – a major factor behind the rise in global greenhouse gas emissions. The publication showcases low-carbon transport from around the world, which, if replicated on a large scale, could make Asian cities greener and more livable.  The book highlights the importance of urban planning, traffic demand management, public transit, non-motorized transport, streetscape design, road planning, low-emission vehicles, and freight planning to promote sustainable transport in mushrooming cities. The 205 page document contains more than 250 high quality images on urban transportation. With pictures as the evidence the document shows best practices of cities that have "changed their course" in addressing urban transport problems. Registered SUTP download here (36.08MB).  Not registered? Click here


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