Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pas-Port to Mobility Phase 1

Velo Mondial proudly presents the CiViTAS MIMOSA Search Engine. You can now, with great ease, find policy documents on many issues of urban mobility. You will also find an overview of products that are relevant to your policy research. The promis: 'With one push of a button', becomes true with the self explanatory Search Buttons. Soon you will find related information on Consultants, News and Academia; all accessible with the same simple push of a button. And as usual: access is free for all! The search engine will find its base in Pas-Port to Mobility, 9 websites in one portal, disseminating as many aspects of urban mobility as possible: The ‘Urban Mobility Embassy’ is a Service Desk; The 'Urban Mobility Lab' offers a process for sustainable urban mobility Planning; ‘Showcasing' is a supporting site; ‘Experience by Peers' positions cities with expertis; "The ‘Studio' gives access to Innovation; The ‘Publisher’ provides news in articles, web TV, pictures, blogs and websites; The 'The Consultancy' is the Portal to Solutions;'The Factory' is the Portal to Products; The ‘Academy' is overviews Knowledge and Good Practice.
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