Monday, February 17, 2014

Farming the city: FoodLogica

FOODLOGICA is a hallmark initiative of new urban transportation standards. Working with non-polluting transport companies (i.e. electric boats and trucks, bikes) we seek to create a network of zero-emission vehicles to bring local produce into the city. FOODLOGICA: refine local food logistics. The growing trend of eating local food is a sign of excellence in the development of our society. However, local food is usually transported with fuel-powered vehicles that constantly travel into and out of the city. This results in a fragmented transportation network, which increases pollution and congestion. Surprisingly, consuming local foods without understanding distribution practices can still contribute to the environmental degradation of our closest surroundings: where we breathe, work and play. FOODLOGICA shows that an activity, a business or an event does not additionally pollute/congest our cities.

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