Thursday, February 13, 2014

‘The Little Green One’ cycle bridge north of Nijmegen

Sjors van Duren, mobility advisor of the regional body Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen recently explained: “The city of Nijmegen is the project’s promoter for both the new bridge over the river Waal and the connecting roads. In the scoping phase the plans involved a level-crossing with the – at the time – ordinary cycle route to the town of Oosterhout. During the development of the new Waal bridge the project “RijnWaalPad”, which is the high-speed cycle route from Nijmegen to Arnhem, was started. [Which incorporated the cycle route to Oosterhout.] Although at first it did not seem possible to change the plans for this crossing, there was a window of opportunity in 2011 when it was clear there was room for a cycle bridge after all. It could cross over the new road and would connect to the area around the Lent railway station. Because the high-speed cycle route is high priority, the council of Nijmegen, the province of Gelderland and the regional body ‘Stadsregio Arnhem – Nijmegen’ were able to allocate funds, 4.8 million Euro, in a time span of only two months.” Read more in Bicycle Dutch here

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