Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New Traffic Test App for Dutch Children

This year in April about 150,000 Dutch school children will take a traffic test called “Traffic Exam”. It is tradition Dutch school children do this test when they are in their last year of primary school. Bicycle Dutch has shown you this before in a video. But traffic experts now sound the alarm: ever more children fail the test. In 2013 6,000 children failed the test which is … a staggering 4%. So something clearly has to be done! Safe Traffic Netherlands, (Veilig Verkeer Nederland) the organisation behind the test has now developed an App, so children can learn about traffic safety in a fun way. In this report from the news for children (Jeugdjournaal) of Monday 10th of March 2014, an expert also explains the children are not to blame, it’s their parents taking them to school in a car!

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